Company History

Glimex, Inc. is the exclusive representative of KPN Gas Technology Sdn Bhd a joint venture of KNM & Prosenant, a IFP Group Technology. PROSERNAT, a shared property of french IFP EN and Heurtey petrochem, is specialized in process technology and equipment supply to the Oil & Gas industry. PROSERNAT offers a full range of processing units for phase separation, natural gas dehydration, CO2 and acid gas removal, NGL liquid hydrocarbon extraction and sulphur recovery.

PROSERNAT serves world leading National and International Operating Companies for 30 years, and successfully delivered over 300 projects across 5 continents & offshore locations.

PROSERNAT value lies in its technology portfolio & patents, combined with the know-how of its teams of experts, allowing to deliver basic & detailed design of high performance, cost-effective gas processing packages.

Glimex, Inc. represents exclusively Sulzer Pumps U.S.A in the Philippines. Sulzer Pumps is one of the world's leading pump manufacturers, recognized for excellent product quality, performance reliability and technical innovation. They provide a full line of pumps, equipment and related technologies to the Oil and Gas, Hydrocarbon Processing, Power Generation, Water and Wastewater and Pulp and Paper industries.

Including the acquired business Sulzer Pumps has a network of 22 manufacturing facilities. They operate the pump industry's widest network of service centers to support our customers around the clock in the operation of pumping and other rotating equipment.

Sulzer Pumps places great emphasis on research and development, which are carried out at their R&D centers of excellence globally. It starts with basic research, where we focus on hydraulics, cavitation, erosion, corrosion and mechanical design (particularly rotor-dynamic design). Basic research advances are then applied to product development, where the engineers work closely

with customers all over the world on the practical implementation of innovative ideas. At any point, they can call upon the diverse expertise of the many research specialists working in their pumping laboratories.

Glimex, Inc represents Z&J Technologies (Zimmermann and Jansen) Gmbh and Hermann Rappold (RACO). The main part of their core business is to manufacture high-quality and reliable valves for severe application in the Iron & Steel-, Glass, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries.

As an innovative company they are constantly trying to develop more sophisticated products, our aim being the utmost benefit for our customers. their products' state of the art-technology is the result of intense and continuous research and development. With more than 125 years of experience and extensive references from their former company, they are known as an established supplier of products which function reliably and without malfunction.

High operating temperatures, large nominal sizes up to 6m dia. - by request larger - together with high frequency of operation and very long maintenance free operating periods, are their specialty.

Concerning safety and environmental compatibility, their products always fulfil the most recent and highest specifications. An extensive and internationally recognized quality management system (ISO 9001:2000 / PED 97/23/EC) with additional international special approvals, guarantee products of the highest quality of workmanship.

Commissioning, repair and overhaul of our products, installed worldwide, also belong to their scope of supply. Glimex, Inc represents VELAN Inc, Canada a world-leader in the design and production of a wide range of cast and forged steel Valves a highly engineered severe service valves, and steam traps offering superior performance across all major industrial applications.

Glimex, Inc. represents exclusively Padungsilpa Engineering Co., Ltd. Thailand in the Philippines.

The company is one of the world's leading manufacturer of underground steel tank under full licensing of "Steel Tank Institute of USA for Permatank", a double wall steel and FRP coated underground tank duly approved by the Underwriter Laboratory (UL) and (Padungsilpa Civil Works Co., Ltd.) for the construction of gasoline service stations in the Philippines.

Glimex, Inc represents TECNIMONT, Italy a leading Engineering, Main Contracting and Technology Licensing Group operating worldwide in Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Power, Renewable Energy and Infrastructure sectors.

Glimex, Inc. is the exclusive Philippine representative of Axens, a subsidiary of the Institute Francais du Petrole (IFP) Group, a company offering market-leading products including processes, catalysts, adsorbents and equipment. Backed by nearly fifty years of R&D and industrial success, Axens provides the technology, products and services needed to make its clients' hydrocarbon processes achieve to their peak performance. In the Philippines, Axens has provided catalysts and adsorbents for Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation. Axens has been awarded last Dec. 1, 2010 as the Major technology provider and Lead Integrator of the USD2 billion project of Petron Corporation the RMP-2 (Oil Refinery Modernization) which will be concluded in the next 33 months. (completed on 2016).

Glimex, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of Bally Technologies & Ainsworth Gaming Technology Ltd in the Philippines. Bally, the inventor of the slot machines is now a world market leader, which drives the future of gaming technology. While Ainsworth, being synonymous in the gaming industry has been able to provide the global gaming market with its exceptional range of gaming technology and game combination software.

Glimex Inc. is the sole representative of Belco Technologies Corporation's <> in the Philippines. Glimex Inc. was involved in introducing the flue gas scrubber; the first of its kind in the Philippines. The flue gas scrubber is part of a emissions control system which reduces SOx emissions in the refinery. The first FCC unit was installed in Petron Bataan Refinery.

In this era, the Philippines became aware of the need for a cleaner environment for the oil industry. Glimex Inc. was in the forefront of this shift in the industry by introducing sludge recovery and tank cleaning technology to free up land and safeguard the water tables surrounding oil refineries. With this, Glimex Inc. had also sent members of its team to the Middle East to teach the operation of the sludge recovery unit and cleaning of 500,000 bbl storage tanks.

Glimex Inc. was very much involved in the Geothermal Development Projects in the Philippines. We supplied 70% of the pipes and valves used in the construction <>. This project enabled the Philippines to rank second in the production of geothermal energy in a worldwide scale. It was also in this period that the biggest geothermal development arose (that evolve) in the Philippines and numerous power plants were constructed and generated 800 megawatts of power.

(NNGP) Northern Negros Geothermal Powerplant
(MGPP) Mahagnagdong Geothermal Powerplant
(LGPP) Leyte Geothermal Powerplant with 2 sites - Upper Mahio, Sambalonan Project

Palinpinon II Geothermal Powerplant
LGPP South Sambalonan Powerplant
Mindanao II Geothermal Project
LGPP Tongonan I Topping Cycle Project

Glimex Inc. gave the technology to China to produce Through Conduit Valves (TCV) used in the geothermal industry. Prior to this, most of the TCV's were sourced from Europe and the USA. Today, the Chinese are manufacturers of TCV and are able to supply various types of valves and fitting for the geothermal industry.It was in this era that Glimex Inc. had pioneered the avalanche of Korean made industrial products into the Filipino market. Glimex Inc. introduced API vessels fabricated in Korea to the oil and gas industry in the Philippines. It was through the resilient efforts of Glimex Inc. and its clients that the Korean's were able to fabricate the API vessels with accordance to the specifications required. Today, various vendors of the vessel and even Korean EPC contractors are using the very same technology, which has made Glimex Inc. the leading player in the Philippine oil refining industry.