Product Line

Distribution Transformers

Cables OHGW Electrical Power Cables


Switchgear and Motor

Pipes & Fittings

C. S. Gate Valves

Carbon Steel Pipes

Drill Pipes

Elbows, Tee

Various Sizes of Gate Valves

Valves for severe application in the Iron & Steel-, Glass, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries.

Bentonite / Barite & Allied Minerals

Oil Well Class "G" Cement

Technologies, Absorbents and Catalyst

Re-manufactured Caterpillar Engine

Steam/Water Separators, Pressure Vessels & Reactors

Refractories and Castables

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Geothermal Turbine

Steel-FRP underground Storage Tanks and Construction of Gasoline Service Station

Boiler Tubes / ASME Fabricated Products


Filtration Systems and Solution

Rig Rental


Flue Gas Pollution Control System Technology

Ainsworth Game Technology Ltd.

- Video Slot Machines

Alto Gaming

- VideoSlot Machines

Ecash Pty Ltd

- Cashier Ticket Redemption

Maxwell Paper

- Thermal Paper

Submarine Hose

Tank Seals and Storage Tanks Parts

Copper Alloy, Tubes, Wires and Strips

Service provides practical and on-site training for installation, repair and maintenance of the slot machines with after-sales support.

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